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Italian citizenship through residence

Our Firm boasts a long experience in the process of requesting Italian citizenship through residence. Aprigliano Law Firm provides an exclusive service and is able to assist its clients in dealing with all bureaucratic matters that can delay or interrupt the process, as well as appealing to the Court to obtain the recognition of the Italian citizenship.

Essential condition for claiming Italian Citizenship by naturalization are i) to have lived in Italy without interruption for at least 10 years (4 years for EU nationals), ii) having collected revenues during the last 3 years, iii) have no criminal records.

For the submission of the citizenship application mandatory documents are the applicant birth certificate, marriage certificate (for foreign women who acquired husband’ surname through marriage) and no-criminal records certificate of his/her native country and potential other third countries where the applicant lived starting from 14 years old.

Those foreign documents must be translated and legalized (or, if possible, apostilled) in front of the competent Italian diplomatic authority located in the country of issuance. The citizenship application, together with the related documents, is submitted online through the website of the Italian Ministry of Interior. Applicant’s cohabitant minor children, automatically acquire Italian citizenship through the applicant naturalization

The citizenship process must be concluded within 730 days from the application date. After this time, if the citizenship is not granted, it will be possible to appeal to the Court to request the conclusion of the process within the next few months. This kind of lawsuit can be made only unless 3 years have not elapsed since the date on which the application for citizenship was filed.

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