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Italian citizenship through marriage or adoption

Aprigliano boasts a long experience in Italian citizenship processes through marriage and is able to assist its clients in all bureaucratic matters that may delay or interrupt the process.

The cohabitant spouse of an Italian citizen can submit the application for the recognition of the Italian citizenship, after 2 years from the marriage if he/she legally resides in Italy, otherwise after 3 years if he/she resides abroad. The above mentioned time limits are halvs if children were born or were adopted by the spouses. Essential requirements for the acceptance of the application are the permanence of the marriage until the issue of the citizenship decree and the absence of criminal records. For the submission of the citizenship application mandatory documents are the applicant birth certificate, marriage certificate and no-criminal records certificate of his/her native country and potential other third countries where the applicant lived starting from 14 years old.

Those foreign documents must be translated and legalized (or, if possible, apostilled) in front of the competent Italian diplomatic authority located in the country of issuance. The citizenship application, together with the related documents, is submitted online through the website of the Italian Ministry of Interior. The administrative procedure for the recognition of the Italian citizenship must be concluded within 730 days from the date of submission of the application.

After this time, if the citizenship is not granted, it will be possible to appeal to the Court for obtaining the conclusion of the process within the next few months. In certain cases the lawsuit can be made only unless 3 years have not elapsed since the date of the request of the citizenship.

Aprigliano Law Firm is able to assist its clients either in the Administrative phase or in the Judicial one ensuring a top class service, in front of all Italian Courts and public authorities.

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