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Appeal to the court (Litigation)

Aprigliano Law Firm is highly specialized in lawsuits brought before Italian Courts against any kind of refusal of Italian citizenship (naturalization or jure sanguinis) or for the violation of the terms for the conclusion of the administrative process. The process for the recognition of the Italian citizenship for ancestry reasons (jure sanguinis) must be concluded within 240 days from the submission of the request. Applications through residence or marriage must, instead, be concluded within 730 days. After the expiration of these terms, if the citizenship is not granted, it is possible to submit an appeal to the Italian Court to obtain the conclusion of the citizenship proceedings within the next 30 days. Foreign citizens residing abroad are not obliged to come to Italy for the lawsuit. Aprigliano, through a power of attorney, will counsel its clients in the Court. Thanks to its network and staff, our Firm is able to counsel its clients before all Italian Courts. The service is provided both in Italian and English.

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  • alsaeed

    i entered italy 4years ago as student.and had political asylum right inj uly 2014.
    can i apply for citizenship the next year?
    as a university student ;do i need to get 8500euros anual incom from work inside italy.

  • Jamie Roche

    I filed an application for italian citizenship through marriage to my italian wife on March 13, 2014 (over two years ago). On the Ministero dell’interno website the application number is K10/C/0385905. it still says “L’istruttoria e complete; la domanda e in fase di valutazione.” Is there an urgent need for me to act no to appeal or should I wait longer.? Thanks

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